About Kay Real Estates

Having opened our bright & colourful door officially on the 01 November 2016 does not take away from the fact that we have a wealth of experience behind us.
Our knowledge comes from having learnt from the experts, doing what works, following the systems, being affiliated with those who know and to NOT reinvent the wheel.

We strive to provide quality service to REAL ESTATE laymen in Namibia, to envision the goal in the REAL ESTATE buyer and tenant’s mind’s eye and to supply this service with the highest integrity, mindfulness and honesty. Our REAL ESTATE AGENCY”S value, lies in its happy clients.

About beautiful Windhoek, Namibia

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Windhoek, Namibia the cleanest capital city on the continent of Africa. One of Africa’s most popular conference venues and business hub of Namibia.

Infrastructure is well developed (roads are in most cases better than in the rest of Africa, Southern Africa included) our politics are orderly and our people live together side by side and in perfect harmony. The city is a beautiful, fast growing metropolis, situated in the central area of Namibia, nestled amongst a valley of mountains surrounding the city.

Windhoek is geared up for business, education, tourism and general well-being. Therefore no shortage of amenities exist ( no shortage of “wants” as there are center’s with the most important amenities in ALL areas of Windhoek.

Accommodation to suit all budgets comes in many shapes and sizes. From historical and monumental value to low cost housing and luxury of a different kind, can be found in old existing and new developing areas of the city.